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Medical Insurance for International Students

In some countries, you are covered for medical or dental treatment without any cost.  You go to a doctor, dentist or hospital and you receive treatment at no cost.  This is NOT the case in Canada.                

Why do I need to apply for medical insurance?

All international students need to have adequate insurance to cover any medical care or accidents while they are in Canada.  If students do not have an insurance plan, they are responsible for paying all costs for medical treatment.  A visit to a doctor can cost $45-$50 or more, and a hospital stay can cost more than $1,000 per day. Students with no medical insurance have to pay the entire bill for these medical services.
The Licensing Company (Calgary) Inc. 
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Phone: (403)299-2373 
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New Urban Registry Ltd. 
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Registries Plus Inc. 
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Phone: (403)272-5513 
Fax: (403)272-7037
Registry@South Trail Crossing Ltd. 
66-4307 130 AVE SE, CALGARY 
Phone: (403)246-4646 
Fax: (403)257-1830

What are my options for medical insurance?

Students who will be studying in Canada for less than 12 months: You must purchase a private health insurance plan through an insurance company or agent in your home country or in Canada.  Medical insurers in Canada are authorized to provide this service to those who apply within 5 days of arriving in Canada.   If you have been in Canada for more than 5 days, contact Broker Advantage at 1-877-294-1810.  
We do not recommend a particular plan or agent.  We advise you to talk with 2 or 3 insurance agents and compare prices and services before making a decision on which plan to buy. 

I have purchased a private health plan.  How do I pay for my medical expenses?

When you have a private health plan you are expected to pay for medical costs yourself.  It is your responsibility to submit receipts to your private insurance company in order to be reimbursed. 
If you have any questions about medical insurance, talk with an International Student Advisor.


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