Checklist for International Students

When you receive your letter of acceptance from Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics:
  • Apply for a Study Permit (and Visa, if required) at the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate
  • Review http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/publications/delay.asp for tips on avoiding delays in study permit processing
  • Make travel arrangements: book flights
  • Make banking arrangements: transfer money, purchase traveler's cheques, get credit cards
  • Register for classes
  • Arrange for accommodation 
  • Arrange for private health care insurance (if you are planning to be in Canada for less than 12 months)
Important Note:
Carry all required entry documents with you when you travel to Canada.  Do NOT pack them in your suitcase. These include: passport (with visa, if required), immigration letter authorizing your Study Permit, and your Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics letter of acceptance.
When you arrive in Canada:
  • Provide all required entry documents to the Canada Immigration officer on arrival
  • Contact your family to tell them you have arrived safely
  • Attend an International Student Orientation Program with our International Student Advisor
  • Get a student I.D. card (available through our International Student Advisor)
  • Open a bank account
  • Register for Alberta Health Care (if you are going to be in Canada for more than 12 months)
  • Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) (necessary if you will be working on campus or with an off-campus work permit)
  • Register for classes (if you did not do this before your arrival)

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