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Samantha Ponce

The best Private College in Calgary! I took the Clinical Esthetics program and it was the best decision of my life. Delmar doesn't just teach they mentor you as well. They guide through every step, they also help you find your independence and your confidence. Small class room sizes, so you got a lot of hands on practice, the course was very organized so every day of class we had something to do, you never wasted a day. My time at Delmar was short but sweet. My instructor Audrey Brown knows this industry like the back of her hand. She was open to all of our questions, told us what to expect and gave us advice every day. She saw through our insecurities and saw our potential. Even if Delmar wasn't the best College in Calgary, having Audrey Brown as an instructor was worth it all. If you are looking to change your career and learn a valuable skill, check out Delmar!

Samantha Ponce 
Clinical Esthetics program, March 2016

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