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What are YOU looking for in a beauty school? It’s not enough to go to a school that will simply teach you technical skills, you need to be trained in business as well.  Thanks to our E3 program ( Educate, Empower, Embrace) you can expect real business training from our highly qualified educators.

Business skills are critical in the beauty industry; whether you own your own salon or you are working for an employer.  You must understand the elements of making smart decisions to set you on the right path to success. We already know that you have the characteristics of a true Salon and Spa professional- you think like and entrepreneur and are most likely a self-starter.  We know this because you’re already considering beginning your career at Delmar College- the most trusted name in Calgary for beauty education.

Do you want a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace?

Do you want a program that builds your confidence, treats you like the professional you are?

Do you want to know how to maximize your tickets for optimum percentages?

Would you like information on starting your own business?

Do you want to learn HOW to educate your clients in order to build your clientele?

Would you like to learn HOW to meet your financial goals on the ladder of success?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then Delmar College is the right choice for you!

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