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Permanent Make-Up Certificate Course

What is Permanent Make-Up?
PMU is tattooing brows, eyeliner, lip color, and cheek blush, creating a semi-permanent beauty enhancement. 

What are the types of PMU for Brows?
The most common types of PMU for brows are Microblading, Powder Brow, and Ombre. 

What is Paramedical Tattooing?
Paramedical tattooing helps those who have been affected by traumas or medical conditions. Clients are able to regain confidence by restoring their appearance! 

What is scalp micro-pigmentation?
Micropigmentation deposits pigment into the scalp, with micro-needles, leaving the client looking as though they have hair follicles in place of hair loss. 

No pre-requisite is required?*

Level 1: Permanent Beauty
Lip Blushing
Eye Liner
Eyebrows: micro-blading, powder, and ombré

Level 2: Paramedical Tattooing 
Areola Reconstruction
Stretchmark Camouflage
Scar and Birthmark Revision

How much does it cost to be a PMU Artist?
$4495.00 Per Level - Includes Kit!

How many days per week is the PMU course?
2.5 days per week - Monday, Tuesday 10-4 pm and Wednesday 10 am - 1 pm. 20 hours per week

How do I finance my PMU course?
We have partnered with Medi-card for student financing or there is the self-pay option!

Seating limited Fall/Winter 2022. Call to add you name to the growing list of PMU Artists!

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